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Vietnam - Summary

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[*]Very nice country with stunning scenary.

[*]Highlights: Sapa, Halong Bay and Hoi An. Could have been also Phu Quoc if the weather would have been nice.

[*]Vietnames are strange people. On the one hand you sympathise with them when you look at their history and see what they have gone through. Constantly being at war, with the latest one being the most horrible. Yet, you cannot help feeling annoyed by the constant rip offs whether it is the taxi driver driving driving a longer way, tweaking the meter, a hotel not sticking to their advertised room rates or even hotel staff trying to slip in additional items on to your bill all the time. Bottom line, you cannot trust them and I really hate to say that as it is a horrible thing to say. I think for me it was quite difficult coming from Nepal where I never felt like that, even after the theft. However I have spoken to so many people about it now and they all said the same, so it isn't just me, what I thought originally. Even the ones who really liked the Vietnames and thought them friendly, still said they are really nice, but you can't trust them at all, which to me is completely contradictive. How can a person be nice if you can't trust him/her??? That definitely doesn't work for me....

[*]It has still been an intersting journey, I met nice people again, saw a lot and did some great shopping! :-)

[*]Would I come back? Maybe in 10 years time or so to see how it has or hasn't changed.

[*]Really gutted and disappointed about Phu Quoc and that is the only place I could consider going back to earlier making sure it isn't rainy season!! ;-)

[*]They reall still need to do a lot of catching up on their tourism and that would be quite interesting to seen in 10 years or so. They certainly need to replace these communist puppets called "tour guides" and teach them English and also learn what service is. I so often felt, especially the last few day on Phu Quoc, as if you are interrupting them and even the smalles things like asking whether you would like another drink after finishing one, doesn't seem to occur to them. They just take your empty glas away and walk off... On the one hand they are so keen on business and making money and on the other hand they can't come up with simple things like that. Quite strange....

[*]I think overall I was probably a bit disappointed. Maybe too high expectations from my side to start with.... Always seems to come down to the expectations I had beforehand...

[*]Well, it was certainly an experience and I am happy to leave now and can't wait to see what the Cambodians are like as I have been told by many that they are even worse....

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