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Vietnam - Mekong Delta and Phu Quoc

rain 30 °C

Today I did a day trip to the Mekong Delta which was nice. It was pissing down but the trip was still good. All those little canals were they row you through in their tiny little wooden boats with their conical hats really make you think you have gone back in time. A good day and now I am looking forward to going to the island in the very South, Phu Quoc, where I will hopefully do nothing than relax, sun bath and dive. Hopefully the weather is going to be okay....

Well it seems my bad luck is back. I hardly slept last night and had to get up at 4.45 to catch my flight to Phu Quoc. I managed to get to the hotel I tried to book last night but he changed his mind and increased the price of the room although the place was not even half full. It was only by $5 but as I really have to watch my budget now and also out of principle I put my foot down and almost left. Eventually I got what was advertised on their website and have quite a nice bungalow. It seem really empty here and I don't think the town village is in walking distance so it feels quite isolated here and it didn't help that it was pissing down all day and stopped only around 3pm. So all I did until then was trying to catch up on my sleep.
During the morning while I was chatting to a Swiss woman a few more guest appeared so it felt a bit better, as I originally though I am the only one in the hotel. It is probably beautiful here when the weather is good. The beach ir really nice, they have a a pool, you can get massages down at the beach for only $5 an hour. I booked 2 dives and just hope it will be worth it staying here for 5 days. I have this funny feeling that it might be too long. The worst is that I can't even use the Internet, as it is not working because of the rain and I really wanted to spend several hours per day trying to catch up....
I also lost my protection amulet I bought in Tibet which really upset me. That is the 3rd neglace I have lost now and even the ones I bought as souvenirs are gone with my Nalgene bottle. I can't believe that I bought 4 amulets in total and haven't got a single one left. It really seems I am not meant to be protected. Great!
So, now I sit here on this island by myself with rubbish weather and loads of time on my hands but no Internet. The only consolence is my Harry Potter book that I swapped with Alex. I really hope my time here won't be a complete waste of time....
The next was a little bit better. It was raining the whole morning, so heavy that I stayed in the room until 10.45 until I dared to leave for breakfast. I stayed in the restaurant until lunch time, the only sheltered place apart from your bungalow. By the time I decided to go into town, it cleared up a little bit and I decided to go to the beach instead. It wasn't great weather but at least okayish. I treated myself to a massage for Euro 2.50 only!! And I then decided to go for a leg wax which was the most painful and longest "wax" I ever had, as it turned out to be nothing like a wax. She pulled out every single hair with a thread. One end was in her mouth and with the other end she laid a sort of loop that would pull out each hair one by one.... It took for ever and was so painful.... She did a good job but I would certainly never do it again.
I am getting a bit depressed her now, I am still alone and can't help feeling that I am wasting my time here. It's all so muddy that I don't even want to rent a motorbike to explore the island. The amount of rain is just unbelievable. It started in the evening again and will probably rain through the whole night again. Can't wait to go diving tomorrow, at least that will give me something to do. If I only had access to the Internet.... Not even my laundry they can do. Nothing works because of the bloody rain.
I probably would have been better off spending those 5 days in Thailand or even on my meditation course which I probably won't have time to do now. After all the conversations I had in Tibet with Paul and Kirby I really wanted to do it but he recommendation I got from Paul is a 10 day course and I really don't have that much time left. It also seemed a little though to start with when I don't even know whether it my thing.... you had to get up at 4am, pretty much meditating all day, you can't talk to anyone but your teacher, which is once a day but to on one else and you can't have any contact to the outside world etc... So it's not a walk in the park and I don't have a lot of information of what you actually get out of it, so it's quite tricky. I would like to speak to someone who has done it without any prior experience like me. Paul is far too experienced ..... Not sure what to do. I think I almost decided that it is a bit much to start with but having all that rain now I start wondering whether I maybe should do it after all.
As I can't even sleep well here, I don't even feel rested. I can't really safe money either, as the food here is quite expensive. Rubbish.... At least I have Harry....:-)

A quick change of mind the following day made me decide to leave Phu Quoc 2 days early. I got up really early to go diving and what a surprise it was pissing down as always and they cancelled my diving and postponed it to the next day. I met the Swiss woman, Barbara, again and we spend all morning together chatting away until lunch time as it wouldn't stop raining. After I heard that the forecast is the same for the next 5 days I made up my mind and decided to leave the next day. I changed my flight straight away. I felt so unhappy there and was so disappointed and felt really trapped that I thought the whole thing is pointless and it is stressing me more than anything else. I think I was so desparate for a relaxing break and I was looking forward to it so much, that it didn't even cross my mind that it might end up like that. Phu Quoc was such an important place on this whole trip for me and now I almost wish I had gone to Nahtrang or Mue Ne instead.
Really pissed off that I didn't get the rest I wanted , as I noticed here in Vietnam again that I am not that keen on seeing things anymore not as alert, not as enthusiastic anymore, don't even take as many pictures anymore etc... a bit what I had in Fiji.

And now I won't be able to have a rest for a few weeks apart from the very end in Thailand..... Anyway, Barbara and I rented bicycles and went to change our tickets which worked fine without even an extra charge, so I was quite pleased about that. We then went into town and had a look around, nothing special but an interesting harbour, absolutely cramped with loads of nice boats. We went to a local place to have lunch and as we both wfelt in desparate need of chocolate we went to a nice cafe and had a brownie. As it started pissing down again we had a quick look at the internet which was working here, had a drink and then went to the market and back home. We had a very nice evening for once being able to sit outside eating a steam pot where you throw in loads of meat, fish and vegetables. Almost like a fondue but it's boiled/steamed in water.

The next morning I got up at 5.45 and couldn't believe it. It was sunny and calm for the first time. Not a single cloud in the sky. I was gutted! I knew it! I had been saying it to Barbara that the moment i leave it will be nice again, despite the weather forecast. I am so sad that I now miss the beach weather and also the diving. How rubbish! And I won't be able to dive or go to the beach for weeks!!! I wasn't happy that morning....
But this is it now. At least I could get my bus ticket changed so that I didn't need to stay in Saigon which would have been even worse..... beach weather and being trapped in Saigon.
Once I got my ticket changed I was delighted to find a place where I could treat myself to most expensive but also nicest breakfast I had in months. I couldn't believe my luck when I got a proper breakfast with bacon, sausages, egges and even hash brown. Long live the English/ American Breakfast!!! Cost me more than my fancy dinner the night before but it certainly cheered me up. The only downside where the people who were trying to sell you stuff even through the window as I moved inside already. They would not leave you alone for even 2 minutes! How annoying. It really is time to leave this place now....

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